Sunday, July 1, 2018

My Top 5 Carry-Ons for Long Flights

Long plane rides can be enjoyable or a nightmare. Here are my top 5 carry-ons for all international flights. These are just some of the things that help make long and international flights enjoyable.

1. Pillow and Blanket Set

The pillow and blanket are for obvious reasons. There's something about having my own pillow and blanket with me. The scent, the softness, the warmth that comes with it. It's really a small piece of home away from home. Also, I've discovered that when I get to my destination, an extra little blanky may be necessary.

2. Eye Mask

Sometimes on overnight flights, a neighbor may want to have the light on and read or have the window open for sunlight when you want to rest. In case you prefer to sleep in the dark, the eye mask helps give the illusion one is in the dark when they are not.

3. Earplugs

I prefer swimming earplugs. They drown out most sounds and don't pop out ears easily.

4. Headphones

This comes in handy for movies and such. But also, your own earplugs are what your ears are used to and so its really just about comfort levels, with this option.

5. Essential Oil

Last but certainly not least! Ever ride on an airplane and smell an aroma that was not so fresh? But you're trapped and nothing much you can do about it. Here's a little trick I discovered that has been beneficial and is discreetly non-offensive. Take a handkerchief, put some essential oil on it. My favorite scent is lavender. It smells great and is also relaxing. No handkerchief, no problem! Put some on your shirt, on a napkin, rub some on your hands and smell your hands. When there's a will, there's a way!

Hope my top 5 carry-on's for long plane rides have helped someone out there!

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